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Ed Shonsey

Ed Shonsey specializes in global commercialization of technology.  Ed has led both private and public companies as Chairman, Board member, CEO, CFO, as well as Operations Director. These corporations include Arborgen Inc., Rice Tec Inc., Foundation of Liechtenstein, BioN2, Diversa Inc., Novartis, Syngenta, La Jolla Life Sciences, Pioneer HiBred, and Procter and Gamble Co. He has led and participated in numerous acquisitions, divestitures, and funding procurement. 


Ed is presently working with sustainable food and energy projects in North and South America, Europe, and Asia targeting improved growth and profitability. Mr. Shonsey was a Naval Officer receiving several commendations for leadership during combat operations.  Ed has BSEE and MBA degrees while also completing postgraduate work in accounting and finance.

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