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Alan D Ostercamp

I have 44 years of experience in seed industry working with two start-up firms, RiceTec, Inc. & Os’Gold (one private and other public) that earned strong growth, market-share presences and profitability….additionally I have 30 years’ experience with multinational (Monsanto) where I lead the harmonization of the many seed business platforms purchased by Monsanto through creation and implementation of their intranet-based ISO 9001 best-practices Quality Management System covering research through customer delivery.  A similar approach was utilized for the developed of the mechanized hybrid rice platform given it’s  totally new approach to production agriculture without benefit of years of history.   These experiences included an array of senior management positions with experience both in US and global operations..


I have served the American Seed Trade Association as Southern VP, Corn & Sorghum Committee Chairman, Farm Seed Committee Chair as well as lead for several ad-hoc committees including treated seed disposal, and Farm Bill implications to seed growers.   I have served as President of the Iowa Seed Association, member of the AOSCA Plant Review Board, Iowa Crop Improvement Board and lead the Iowa Association of North American Baptists. I am currently a co-founder of Finding Black Ink (FBI).

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